• Saffron pistilli 0.1 gr (net weight)  x 10 pcs
MADDALENA saffron from the Taburno valley Maddalena saffron is produced following precise rules. - First Quality: 2018 quality tests are available where we even report the humidity level of the product; - Dried at max 45 ° C on the same day of collection: the properties of saffron, even medicinal ones, remain intact; - Dried and not toasted: suitable for high gastronomy as it is not contaminated by resins and wood odors. A strong perfume, without the smoky spikes ; - Cultivated with organic methods: we keep the saffron plant healthy thanks to the field rotations and constant care throughout the year; - Cultivated and transformed at family level, directly from us; - Potted and packaged by hand so as not to ruin the pistils; - A product, an ethics: we do not exploit clandestine labor. During peak production periods, we work in the first person, even 18 hours a day, in order to dry and dry the product on the same day of collection. We have made unused land "useful" for several years in the heart of the Taburno Valley and precisely in the municipality of Frasso Telesino. Frasso is located on the western side of the Taburno-Camposauro, between the rocky peaks of Monte Sant'Angelo and the peaks of Monte Cardito and Serra del Ceraso, where the Prata valley opens. It is the seat of the mountain community of Taburno. Its municipal territory is between 65 meters and 1220 meters with an altitude range of 1155 meters. Maddalena Saffron blooms at a height of about 370 meters above sea level.

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Saffron pistilli 0.1 gr (net weight)  x 10 pcs

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